Christian Danny Yap

Christian Danny Yap was my good friend, Debra Hogan Yap's beautiful boy. The Lord took him home at 2:00 p.m. (Malaysian Time) on Friday, 10 October 1997. He was only 15.

You know, for Chinese non-believers, when someone really old dies - someone past 90 - their death is celebrated, not mourned, because the person has had such a long, and hopefully, fruitful life. So, instead of black, red is the colour, and smiles instead of tears.

But for us, every time a believer dies, we should rejoice, and not mourn. What we are mourning are the memories and the regrets, which is a human thing to do. In the Lord, however, we should rejoice, because that believer has gone to be with the Lord.

Of course, you may say “but Christian was so young, he had his whole life ahead of him”. Well, when I first heard the news, I found myself remembering something I’d read when I was younger - that our children are not really our children, but lent to us by God. We don’t really know when God wants them back, but we must be grateful for the times, good and bad, that God has granted us with our children. And I for one, am really grateful for having been given the opportunity to share some of my time on earth with this fine young man, Debra’s beautiful boy, Christian Danny Yap.

Antonia Chin Chet Mooi (Christian's Aunty Toni)
Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
1:40 a.m., Saturday, 11 October 1997
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