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Wed, 020501

Once again, I confirmed that stupid is my second name. Actually, it might as well be my first. Maybe I should change my name to Chin Chun Choy*. This time, the stupidity came quite expensive.

What happened was after I arrived at Union Station, instead of going to the info desk to ask for help, I looked around, found a vending machine and bought a one-way ticket to Santa Ana. It cost $5.25 off-peak and I thought, oh good, I save some money. The machine was headed "Metrolink" and I thought it was another name for Amtrak or something. Then I went for breakfast. Got increasingly uneasy and finally went to ask and was told I'd bought the wrong ticket. Yahoo! Chet the stupid. It was almost 9:30 a.m., with 10 minutes to the train and I went to get the real ticket. The ticket sellers were really taking their time. But I eventually got my ticket and boarded the train.

You know, the guy I asked said there was no Metrolink train to Santa Ana until 2:50 p.m., yet while waiting in the train for it to start, I saw a Metrolink train pull out of the station. I dunno - maybe the guy was just making a mickey of me.

Sat, 050501

There were only two ticket machines working on the Metro Red Line stop at Union Station. I nearly punched for the wrong ticket at the wrong vending machine - Metrolink again! Earlier, as I was walking around looking for the baggage claim area, I noticed there were very clear signs about where to go for Amtrak info and where for Metrolink info. How come I missed it that day? I think cuz they were on walls parallel to my walking direction and I was only looking ahead. Serves you right, Chet.

*Chinese phrase for "stupid"

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