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I had not planned to visit Legoland. It was Doris who suggested it. Looking back, it proved to be a good suggestion, and helped to make my holiday an even more enjoyable one.

The original plan was to meet up in Santa Ana on Wednesday, 2 May 2001, around mid-morning. Doris said it would be too late to go to the zoo. I agreed. So she said why not go to Legoland? It would be a four-hour visit if we didn't do any of the rides. I've never been one to go on rides, so her suggestion sounded good to me.

After meeting in Santa Ana, Bob drove us to Legoland. Before I started on my holiday, I'd told my niece I would be visiting Legoland, did she want me to bring any Lego souvenirs for her? She laughed, saying that Lego is for kids (she was going on 16 at the time, and has since turned 16).

Yes, when you mention the name "Lego", children's toys come to mind. For me, my childhood came to mind. My sister, brother and I grew up making Lego houses. In fact, we were probably the first children in our neighbourhood in Malaysia in the mid-60s to own a Lego town set, complete with trees, cars, trucks, and even lamp posts, too. That set later went to my sister's children. I think they still have it somewhere in their house or in storage. Well, I hope they do.

While Legoland is essentially a children's theme park, one of its main exhibits is something called "Miniland USA", which its brochure defines as

"the heart of LEGOLAND ... stunning reproductions of American landmarks built with remarkable detail made entirely from 20 million LEGO elements. Guests behold the wonders of Washington DC, New Orleans, New York, San Francisco and the California coastline - at 1/20" the actual size - right down to the smallest detail."

With a few exceptions, the photographs on the following pages were taken in Miniland USA, and show the many familiar American landmarks which have been scaled down to 1/20" their actual size and built entirely with LEGO elements.

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