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The picture above shows the Chinese characters for
Bai Yun's name, which means "White Cloud"

"My first sight of a "live" giant panda and I didn't even know which one it was - they all look alike! - until I heard the announcer say it was Bai Yun. She was inside an elongated tub (much like what I used to bathe in as a child) right side to the audience and showing only her head and top half of body. She was still for a while and when she finally moved, climbing out of the tub and onto the rocks, I let out a "Oh, baby." Finally, seeing a giant panda in the flesh!"
(Actual journal entry: 3 May 2001)

All I wanted to do was look at her, so I didn't take any photographs at this time. Then she was out of the tub and climbing, with amazing agility, up the rocks in the exhibit area. Looking at the photographs taken of this particular moment, I saw that Bob had taken one and I, another. There was a third, in which you have to look very hard to see the shape of her nose, followed by the rest of her face.

After that initial "introduction", Bai Yun exhibited two other moods - sleeping and eating. She maintained one sitting position during her eating, with only her head, especially her jaws and forepaws moving in tandem to split and devour the bamboo.

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