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The picture above is the Chinese characters for Hua Mei's name,
which means "China-America", and takes one character each
from the two names of the two partner countries
- Hua, representing China, and Mei, representing America

Here's the reason I flew halfway around the world for a relatively short holiday (eight days), and here's a picture that just about sums up why.

When I visited on 3 May 2001, Hua Mei was 20 months and reported to be all of 120 pounds. At birth, she had only weighed four ounces. What a difference in less than two years, but a good sign, as it showed she was growing healthy and normal ... for a giant panda baby! (Two months later, in late June 2001, she had tipped the scales at 140 pounds.)

Panda Cub in Full View

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